Icarus had a Sister

M&M_Icarus Had A Sister.jpeg

"Icarus had a Sister" is a breathtakingly beautiful innovation in sculpture with a classical theme. Made from cast quartz in resin and drizzled with a layer of crushed pearl dust, with over 200 individually 3d printed and hand-finished feathers, coated in real copper, on a cast slate plinth threaded with ribbons of copper and iron; this incredible, lifesize nude sculpture is one of the earliest and most well recognised demonstrations of the blending of traditional sculpting and casting techniques with state of the art digital processes. The sculpture is a limited edition of five pieces, with the original sculpture having already sold to a collector in Australia. Four of the edition remain, priced at £50,000 each in the above mentioned materials (not including delivery or installation). The piece is wallmounted with six fixing points hidden in the back of the sculpture. 

Also available to order in a variety of other finishes including highly polished bronze.
M&M_Copper Feathers_Close-Up.jpg

The sculpture was originally designed by André Masters of Masters & Munn, to express the seemingly dichotomous capacity in women for incredible strength or bravery as well as vulnerability. Over time, as CJ Munn joined in with the production of the piece to develop it together, the meaning of the piece evolved to reflect the couple's own situation in the art world - threatened by the rise of new technologies such as 3d printing and digital modelling, they chose to embrace and try to master that which they feared most, stepping into unknown territory. The sculpture reflects that pivotal moment of reflection and contemplation before taking a calculated leap of faith - destined to either soar or descend. Their leap of faith paid off, bagging them the international Rising Star Award at the global 3D Print Show, and attracting attention all around the world and being named one of the top ten pieces of 3d printed art by top industry journalists. She was first exhibited at the Business Design Centre, Angel, Islington and then at the Louvre in Paris as part of a temporary exhibition for the international 3D Print Show. 

M&M_Icarus_Side View.jpg

The lifesize piece is based upon a life size female model. The wingspan and height of the piece is just under 2m square and for ideal display she needs a white wall of at least 3-4m square of wall space.  Due to her size, value and the nature of her wings, overseas delivery requires a specialist art courier which can add considerably to the purchase price depending on your location. We are happy to put you in touch with our recommended couriers to arrange safe delivery and installation for our overseas customers, or can arrange for UK delivery and installation ourselves. 

To order one or more of the remaining four available sculptures and enquire about production time please contact us on the phone number or email below. 

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